Private Peaceful Comparative Essay

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The novel Private Peaceful and the short story "The Best Christmas Present in the World" are both by Michael Morpurgo, however the author is not the only thing that connects the two. When looking at these stories you realise just how similar they are, mainly the characters, plot and many of the themes. However, these stories are also very different, and the main characters face challenges that are different to each other yet hold just as much importance. Tommo, our narrator in Private Peaceful, faces difficult times when he is forced to leave his loved ones to fight for his country in the First World War. Jim Macpherson is the protagonist in "The Best Christmas Present in the World" and also has to leave his friends and family for the…show more content…
When looking at the latter, it does seem like Connie and Jim almost reflect Molly and Charlie in their loss and relationship with each other. However it does seem, at a glance at least, that Private Peaceful is the sadder of the pair. When looking deeper though, and thinking about Molly, you do realise that, yes, she does loose her love but at least she has a support network. Connie however, didn 't have any of that and therefore never fully got over the loss of her husband, as it seems that he was her foundation and when he left she is, as it says in the book "is a bit confused" and "She has no family you know. No one visits". It is clear that these stories are tales of love, loss and sorrow and hold many emotions between their pages. They teach us of the way life was in the war, how terrible the danger was in Private Peaceful but also how incredible the peace felt in "The Best Christmas Present in the World", even if for only a day. They do have their differences but still give us the message of hope and to treasure what we have, as we may not have it for much longer. They have varied plots, themes and characters but are overall very close in many aspects, such as the sacrifices they had to
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