Private Prisons Analysis

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Politicians all throughout America accept bribes from private prisons in the form of lobbying and campaign donations, private prisons support politicians who will ensure their cells remain full. Private prisons use their wealth and political influence to pass laws that require minimum sentencing, expand penal labor, and increase punishments for prisoners adding time to sentences. According to the private prison contractors Corrections Corp of America, in October 2015 California governor Jerry Brown signed a deal that would remove thousands of prisoners from Federal prisons in California and relocate them to a private prison outside of California, The deal requires California to fund the prisons with hundreds of millions of dollars at an annually…show more content…
As CCA’s presence in California has grown they have increased their spending on political campaigns and lobbying in California, the Huffington Post reports Corrections Corp of America has spent nearly $290,000 on California campaigns during the 2011-12 election cycle, 8 times as much from the 2005-06 cycle.10 Since running for governor in 2010, Jerry Brown has taken in $15,000 from Corrections Corp of America, which also spent $50,000 in support of his initiative to raise taxes, and he received $25,900 from the private prison contractors The GEO Group inc. The GEO Group also contributed $25,900 to his 2010 Republican opponent, Meg Whitman.11 Spokesman for Jerry Brown’s administration Evan Westrup, said that “the contributions played no role in Brown’s decision to sign the new contracts.” The problem with this statement is the fact that there appears to be no good reason for this deal besides profiting while saving California a little money at the expense of privatizing the corrections system. Steve Owen, a CCA spokesman, said that “lobbying allows the company to educate the government about the types of solutions we provide and to stay current on issues that affect our ability to best serve our partners.” The problem is the line between educating or suggesting is blurred when you begin the conversation with $20,000, then it becomes clear that your it becomes clear your intentions are to bribe and
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