Private Realms Research Paper

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Private Realms The time is 5:45 in the afternoon, you are standing on a crowded bus and riding with many people. You are exhausted after a whole day work, holding the bus-straps and looking around for an empty little space to sit, but you know this is not going to happen during the peak-time. Suddenly, bus driver slammed on the brakes so hard to make an emergency stop. You bend your rear leg and keep the front one straight to lean towards the back of the bus, adjust your body instinctively to protect yourself from a sudden stop. You are safe and sound but someone behind you just step your left foot very hard and your foot hurts badly. Bus driver opens the door, more passengers try to get on the bus, and driver asks people to move to the rear…show more content…
For me, I find such physical proximity to be psychologically disturbing and uncomfortable. In my idea, private realms are very important to us, and it becomes an essential element of our modern society. I feel protection and comfort in my personal space. For me, my own room is a personal space. Every time I walk into my room, I feel secure calm and worm, not only physically but emotionally. A person's personal space is carried with them everywhere they go. Your cellphone is a personal space, your laptop desktop has a unique layout is a personal space, your table space at work place or school is a personal space, your seat on the public transportation is a personal space, even in your house, you still need a personal space within that private realm. Just like what Christopher Alexander wrote in page 380 in his book, A Pattern Language, “[…] each individual household within the larger family must, at all costs, have a clearly defined territory of its own, which it controls — you own home; treat the individual territories according to the nature of the individual household […] ” Parents need individual space, children need individual space, even couples are need their own individual space. I declare my individual space in everywhere, and I am sure most of us do that too. Everyday I…show more content…
It is the ultimate reflection of both working and relaxing coexist. The office space was designed by Interior Design Fair and WRNS Studio. The whole office was combined with many individual spaces and large open public space. Employees work wherever they want. Many individual caves or rooms are for people who wants to have a personal peace moment or a group chat. Every room is so carefully designed, laid out, and executed that even as there are nods to the idea that it could be a home. A cabinet, a table, a stack of books lovingly piled. It does not look like a regular work place anymore, it likes a home, a comfortable personal space. A series of eight private meeting rooms that are exact replicas of some of the service’s coolest listings from around the world. Keep people happy and, more importantly, keep them at work. “We wanted the space to feel like home,” Joe Gebbia, co-founder of Airbnb, explains. “Why wouldn’t the office be as comfortable as your home, if you’re going to end up spending a majority of your working life there?” Although Airbnb business model has many mixed reviews and the company itself is very controversial around whether it impacts the local rental market and hotel market, but I really appreciate the idea of how they design the office. This is a great example of a functional
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