Private Ryan Ethical Dilemma

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Ethical Dilemma Paper
In the movie, “Saving Private Ryan”, by Steven Spielberg, there are a lot of moments in the video that would raise an ethical dilemma issue. The one that stands out the most is when a squad of Army Rangers that was involved in the Omaha Beach invasion, is ordered to cross through Nazi occupied France to search and bring home the last surviving brother of the Ryan family, Private First Class Ryan.
It raises an ethical dilemma because many would ask, why risk the lives of many for one? Does risking the lives of a squad of United States (US) Army Rangers justify the means to save just one US Private? What if you add that this one US Private is the last surviving member out of four brothers? That if this last brother dies,
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Do I send in more men into danger to risk their lives to save one? Before I commit to a decision, I would have to evaluate the situation, identify the ethical and moral conflicts involved in this decision. Giving the order to send out the Rangers would not be in violation of any rules or regulations, in fact, would back up the Army standards of leaving no person behind. Private Ryan went in behind enemy lines as a paratrooper. As his platoon went into heavy fire, they lost communication. The Army has a standard of sending in reinforcements to help fellow soldiers.
Now, seeing that family is important to the Army, and Private Ryan is the last in the family’s lineage, you can rule out moral conflict in the decision. You know that by saving this Soldier, would alleviate the burden on the family. I would say that the family has contributed to the Army values, selfless service, honor, and duty. They risked their lives in the goal of completing the mission.
I would give the order to send in a squad of Rangers to search and retrieve Private Ryan, based on family virtues. Rangers are trained to go behind enemy lines undetected. They are highly skilled soldiers, able to take on unconventional
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