Private Schools Vs Public Schools

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When people think of private schools they often think of a quality of education that cannot be found in a public school. Private school education is thought of to be so thorough and innovative that public vouchers are given to individuals just to attend. Many parents could rest easier at night if their kids could attend private school because for generations it has been drilled into the psyche of many that going to private school is a sure way to have a good future. In actuality however, private schools are not all they are cracked up to be. If more people knew the raw facts about private schools the adage that private school is more beneficial than public school would be considered null and void. Private schools underperform public schools academically, have a tendency to be less diverse, and are autonomous. One thing parents do before they enroll their child into a private school is look through all the school’s information to see if their child will fit into the demographic which eventually will cause a lack of diversity. The lack of diversity in private schools is not good. Attending a school without a diverse body of students does not prepare a child for life and adulthood in a diverse society. In the real world no one can choose the composition of the people that live in their society, so putting a child in a school where the demographics are carefully chosen is pointless because school is suppose to prepare children for adulthood. When discussing diversity of
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