Private Schools Vs Public Schools

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When people think of private schools they often think of a quality of education that cannot be found in a public school. Private school education is thought of to be so thorough and innovative that public vouchers are given to individuals just to attend. Many parents could rest easier at night if their kids could attend private school because for generations it has been drilled into the psyche of many that going to private school is a sure way to have a good future. In actuality however, private schools are not all they are cracked up to be. If more people knew the raw facts about private schools the adage that private school is more beneficial than public school would be considered null and void. Private schools underperform public …show more content…
The lack of diversity in private schools is not just limited to race but also socioeconomic status, student needs, and range of academic levels among students. In total, public schools are much more diverse in these areas. *Through a child’s engagement with diversity they will gain preparation they need to live and succeed in a complex world Bogira also went onto say that through a child’s engagement with diversity they will gain the preparation they need to live and lead in a complex world, with an inherent sense of inclusiveness and justice. Many parents and people who have a deep concern for education share the same sentiment about lack of diversity in private schools. “If school is supposed to prepare us for life outside of school,” Erik Fowle of EthnoBlog says “where we cannot choose the racial composition of a company’s office or that of a restaurant’s patrons – what can we really learn from a school whose student population excludes diversity? I, for one, can’t understand some parents’ desire to sacrifice diversity in their children’s education by sending them to private high school. There is much more to an education that what one learns in the classroom, and I believe we can attribute some of these less measurable factors to the diversity of public schools.” Parents that send their child to private school only do so because they want the best for them
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