Private Schools Vs. Public Schools

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Everyone knows that private school is more expensive than public school, but has it ever occurred to you why it is like this? Private schools are not just trying to take your money, they are just trying to provide a quality education, without the government funding that public schools get. The tuition money goes to very important things; high quality teachers, better resources and the overall quality and stability of the institution. It is true that private school tuition is expensive, but private schools have been proven to be more orderly and safe, have more engaged teachers, better equipped for religious and special needs, and students have better test scores and are better prepared for college and the rest of life. Private schools …show more content…
By requiring more rigorous classes for graduation, private schools are pushing the students in the right direction for college degrees. The class requirements also better prepare the students for the SAT and ACT and cause them to get better scores, which helps the students get into college. Many parents chose private schools because they are better prepared and equipped to provide the special needs for their child. One of the main reasons parents consider private schools is the smaller class sizes. A typical student to teacher ratio is 1:8 and class sizes range from about 10-15, while some public school classes can have as much as 40 students. ("5 Reasons to Attend Private High School." About.) Smaller class sizes allow the child to get the attention and help they need. Although public schools try, they cannot adequately help a student with special needs. A child with special needs must have a lot of attention and extra guidance, with the class sizes being so large in public schools, there is no way to help them learn at their full potential. Many parents opt to send their children to private religious schools to ensure there is a desired religious aspect to their children’s education. Parents want to make sure their child’s school helps to preserve a religious identity and
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