Private Schools Vs Public Schools

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Around half millions of students study in private schools, which almost represents the fifth of students in Saudi Arabia. Although a lot of families prefer to make their children study in private school, that does not mean they are completely satisfied about the schools’ quality and their children’ achievement (Al-Hagbani, 2013). Nevertheless, they still enroll their children in private schools, believing they will benefit more from studying in private schools than public schools. In addition, some parents believe that private schools are more flexible, have more educational activities and are more conscientious of students’ problems and needs (Al-Garieb, 2013).
In a study aimed at exploring the reason behind the penchant towards private schools, Bukhari and Randall (2009), after reviewing literatures about parents’ choices, stated that parents tend to choose private schools over public schools when they realize that their children’s needs are not met in public schools.
Many studies have been conducted in the educational field to explore the differences between private and public schools. These studies were conducted in an attempt to find out which type of school is better. Some of these studies focused on teaching quality such as a study conducted by McKinnon et al (2013), while others were a qualitative comparison, such as a study conducted by Iqbal (2012).
Since schools can help students create good study habits, some of the studies compared the study habits between…

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