Private Schools vs. Public Schools Essay

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As time has gone by, Americans have increasingly paid more attention to the schooling process, trying harder all the time to get the best education possible for their children. As a result, more parents are turning from the public school systems to the private schools. This happens for several reasons. First, students that graduate from private schools tend to be better prepared for college. Second, private schools open up many opportunities to succeed in the business world. Last, the private schools allow the parents and the student to decide which school they feel will give the student the best education possible. Overall, private schools offer a better education for high school students than do public schools.

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This feeling of security allows the students to learn more, which allows them to retain more knowledge. When more knowledge is retained, the students do better on tests, and get into a better college as a result. A survey was done in 1982 showing that “public schools employed one security guard for every 1,824 pupils while Catholic schools employed one guard for every 17,055 pupils” (Lieberman, Private 117) The competition to get into the private school of choice reflects the competition to get into a college. The private schools prepare the student for the application process by keeping the students on a very competitive level. The competition also teaches the students discipline.

Private schools also prepare the student for the business world. There are many strategies to becoming a successful businessperson. One of these traits is the ability to work as a team. In private schools the students have more chances to grow in that area because of the class size. However, public schools are more centered on the idea that students must fend for themselves, and teachers “are accountable to multiple constituencies, while needing to respond to the varying capabilities and needs of their students” (Benveniste 52). Another large part of being successful in the business world is the communication skills. In a private school the class size is
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