Private Security And Public Security

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There is no doubt that in today’s society the need for private security is important. For many years, it has played a major part of everyday life. Through the years, many businesses have used private security to protect property and prevent crime. Private security agencies are also held responsible for protecting many of America’s institutions, critical infrastructure, utilities, transportation and health facilities (Strom et al., 2010). Additionally, not only does private security play an important role in domestic territory, but internationally. The fact of the matter is that private security in modern times plays a major role in society. The attacks which took place on September 11, 2001 changed the industry in the years that followed. Secondly, their role within the criminal justice system is important as they must be able to collaborate with other agencies such as law enforcement. Lastly, the main service provided by private sectors, guard services, is one of the most important jobs within the industry. The fact, however, is that private security has played a major part in all aspect since terrorist attack, a major part with other agencies, and in the services they provide. To begin, one must look at what private security is. It is said that many experts do not agree on what constitutes private security. Due to this there are many different types of definitions. Some of these differences in definitions can be the focus of a job tasks, the influence of profit, and the
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