Private Security Expert : Security Worker Broke Cardinal Rule

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The article, “Private security expert: Security worker broke cardinal rule,” describes an incident in Austin, Texas, where an off-duty police officer is working as an armed security officer for a local car dealership. The officer intervenes in a burglary attempt and ends up shooting the suspect with his service weapon. There are several security issues highlighted in the article including having officers carry weapons or not, using security not certified through an agency, and officers leaving an area to catch a suspect. Having officers carry firearms or other weapons open an organization up to more litigation if an officer is required to use force with a weapon or deadly force. It also requires officers to go through far more training…show more content…
Besides the major issue of the officer being injured or killed during the pursuit, another issue is leaving the property unprotected. If another suspect was involved in the burglary, more vehicles could have been stolen or employees could have been injured. While this incident ended relatively well for the officer involved, it stresses certain issues, which may arise from having officers carry weapons, leaving the property apprehend a suspect and not having a certified security company provide officers for the company. The article, “Jury: Security Firm Not Liable For $60M Heist From Eli Lilly,” describes how pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly filed a lawsuit against Tyco Integrated Services, formerly ADT, for not adequately secure a report detailing security weaknesses at the company’s storage warehouse in Enfield, Connecticut. The lawsuit alleged thieves somehow obtained a security assessment completed by Tyco (ADT) which helped the individuals break into the building using sophisticated methods like repelling from the ceiling and disabling alarms to take prescription drugs and load them on a truck. This article describes the importance of adequate security assessments as well as the importance of safeguarding assessments so the information

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