Private Security Personnel Training: Issues of Negligence

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Currently, the training of private security personnel may be required for those involved in carrying deadly weapons. However, in the past few years, courts have experienced an increase in cases that involve injuries to citizens by the private security personnel. Most of the reported cases are usually associated with actions like false imprisonment, assault, false arrest, and battery. As part of attempts to understand the reasons for the increasing injuries to citizens, these cases have revealed the lack of adequate training of the involved private security officer. Consequently, understanding the elements of negligent liability and legal issues that are linked with the carrying out of security work is very important in dealing with such cases.
Elements of Negligent Liability and Legal Issues in Performance of Security Work: The effectiveness of private security industry and personnel in serving the public efficiently is an issue that requires proper training of these officers. The lack of adequate training for the private security officers will continue to result in various injuries to the private security personnel. Negligent training has been cited as the major issue that acts as the basis of support for a course of action for injury by these personnel (Moore, 1998, p. 106). With the increase in…

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