Private Security vs. Law Enforcement: Matrix Summary

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There are many more private security officers than public police officers, making tandem projects and collaboration essential ("Private Security and Public Law Enforcement," n.d.). There may be some overlap between public law enforcement and private security, but generally the latter can be more highly specialized and are therefore useful in situations such as campus security.
Large privately owned facilities like the campus stadium require a dedicated staff of personnel, rather than a sporadic or incident response team. Therefore, security at the stadium during games can be best provided by the private sector. The public law enforcement agencies in the community can and should be alerted as to when games are being attended so that they can provide back-up support or ancillary services when required.
Some of the distinct advantages to employing an effective private security force at campus games include the following. First, the security officers will be specialized in dealing with the sporting events. Second, they operate with fewer restrictions but with greater focus (Adam, n.d.). The potential drawbacks to using a private security force at the stadium include the need for cohesive…
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