Essay on Private Versus Public Education

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Private Versus Public Education Many struggling parents wish they could send their children to private schools essentially from kindergarten through the twelfth grade. And so my question is: What is the real worth of a private education? According to a statement from the U.S. Department of Education posted by College Smart, private school students generally perform higher than their public school counterparts on standardized achievement tests. As a product of public elementary and high school education, I am currently seeing some of the struggles that public school students face after high school graduation when they enter college. I realize now that, behind the high tuition costs, private schools provide caring, challenges, and…show more content…
I am a person who can remember never having read more than two books in a year, and in fact I did not read one book in ninth grade. One of the memories that upsets me most is that in English classes where students were expected to develop or improve their writing skills, teachers would grade my essays “Excellent.” The reason why I am upset is because currently I am having difficulty with fragments, agreement, and other grammar issues that take forever to sort out. Back then, I really had been led to believe that my writing skills were excellent. Needless to say, most teachers in public schools are just trying to survive, and sometimes they can be careless about how they lead students on. This has a lot to do with why the majority of public school students do not attend elite colleges such as Yale, Harvard, or Princeton. We just never had a chance. Those doors were closed on us a long time ago. Children attending private schools sometimes do not understand that such education is a privilege rather than a must-have. My aunt’s daughter was attending a private high school in the Dominican Republic. Instead of trying to do her best, my cousin opted to miss days from school and consequently her grades dropped, which resulted in her then having to attend a public high school. Public education could not do much for her. She said, “I’m out a few days and I’m able to pick up right away, but that would not have been the case
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