Private Vs Public : A Middle School Perspective

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Private versus Public: A Middle School Perspective Louisiana is ranked 48th in education in the United States by the American Legislative Exchange Council. We can see this in the poorly funded and low resourced schools we have here in New Orleans. There is a great divide in what students are receiving a quality education. In New Orleans the public schools often have ninety percent or more students who are African-American and Latino. The public schools are mainly chartered and filled with young, white, Ivy League educated teachers who have made a two year to serve underprivileged students. According to the Washington Post, 79% of New Orleans public school students attend a charter school– the highest percentage of students in charters in the United States. On the other end of the spectrum New Orleans private schools are predominately white (with exceptions like historically black St. Augustine). These students not only receive a well-funded education, most of them came from families that have resources to help them if they needed it. In this paper I will share my experience of switching from attending a public school to a private school and then argue why the disparities between them are unfair. When I was in the fifth grade I had to take the iLEAP exam to pass to the next grade as well as prepare for taking the final LEAP test. I attended multiple public schools all over the New Orleans and Laplace areas so this test was not new. I took the exam with all my classmates and
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