Private vs. Public School

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Public or Private? That is the Question! Dana Ulett-Hylton Psychology 250 Tamara Moreland Date Introduction- (3 paragraphs) Public School brief synopsis Private School brief synopsis Key Factors that Parents Consider Paragraph 1 (2-3 paragraphs) - Compare and Contrast of both school with expenses Paragraph 2 (2-3 paragraphs)- Compare and Contrast of both schools with governance Paragraph 3 (2-3 paragraphs) - Compare and Contrast of both school with education Paragraph 4- Whats best for the child. Deciding between the two. Does your schooling affect where you would send you children for schools? If so is it beneficial? What the people say-facts or statistics Conclusion…show more content…
In contrast private schools tend to be more costly than public schools. Tuition fluctuates depending on the school. For instance, private schools with religious affiliations are cheaper than prestigious prep schools. Location also determines the price of tuition. Private schools in rural areas are cheaper than those closer to big cities. Bottom line is parents will have to pay something for private schooling. “According to the U. S. Department of Education Institute of Education Services, Digest of Education Statistics 2009, the average tuition charged for all private schools in 2007-2008 was $8,549.” Besides tuition , parents are held accountable for additional fees or costs. In most cases parents of private school students have to provide their child's transportation or pay a transportation fee. The majority of private schools require a uniform or enforce a strict dress code. Parents must pay for the uniforms as specified by the schools guidelines. Sports and extracurricular activities are continually developing because they are funded through alumni and donations. So what does this mean when deciding between the two schools? Given todays economic struggles, public schools provide financial security to Americans statewide. Although public schools are free, they are normally under funded and provide limited access to learning materials. The additional expenses associated with private schools allow them to

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