Privatization Of Australia 's Agricultural Industry

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Lecturer’s Name – JAS CHAWLA
Reforms in Australia’s Agricultural Industry

Due date 28-08-2015
Date Submitted 28-08-2015

Reforms in the Australian agricultural industry Like many countries, agriculture has been the backbone of Australia’s growth and development. Farming in Australia can be traced back to the time European settlers introduced agricultural technologies from their native countries and thereby influenced the early practices in the country. The industry of farming has fed Australia’s growing population and provided a basis for economic growth and development. Australia’s agricultural sector is a significant contributor to the economy, businesses related to agriculture not only provide for Australia’s population but is also a major exporter. There have been many changes in the farming methods over the years, but the image of the Australian farms remains a recognizable icon, this is because Australian farmers incorporate a sense of resilience and tradition and are also able to adapt quickly.
The climatic conditions of Australia are extremes, and this has brought challenges in the farming sector, these have led to great inventions and improved production methods that have put Australia in the forefront of world agricultural development. The combine head harvester, stump jump plough, and improved strains of drought and disease- resistant wheat.
Over the years, Australia’s agricultural industry has had many changes that
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