Privatization of Universities: Greece and Italy

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Over the past three to four years, students and teachers have expressed their opinion, anger, and frustrations on their governments trying to privatized universities. Privatizing universities does not always have a positive effect on people but it does help the country to cut down their debt crisis like what had happened in Greece. The students and professors in Greece and Italy have demonstrated and protested on opposing the idea of privatization of universities or public education. It was the beginning of a new era in student’s movement in Europe and North America. Comparing the two movements of students and professors in Greece and Italy in explaining whether the demonstrations were successful, what were their tactics was there any…show more content…
For example, in Greece, there were 21,000 applicants to study informatics in the public university system but there were only 125 available places (Psacharopoulos, 2004).
Another reason why public system dominates is political votes. When political candidates campaigns around the country to gain votes, one of the way to generate more votes is to tell the people that in the name of equity higher education is free. That line generate votes for the candidate because in many people’s mindset that going to university is expensive and to have free education system it would benefit themselves, their children or even their grandchildren. Parents interest to have their children study free in a state university system. In Greece, obtaining a degree is a passport to civil service jobs but the question of quality of the degree is another question mark that needs to be answered.
Greece is a small country that has 17 universities and more than 30 technological institutes are spread over a huge geographical area. In Greece, public education including preschool, elementary schools, and universities is free for everyone in any socio-economic status. There is a law implemented in the Greek Constitution stating everyone have the right for free education. University education including books is free but students must meet stiff entrance requirements. Education in Greece is free and no fees are paid by students. This is embodied in the country’s constitution
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