Priviledged and Underpriviledged Children in a Sport

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For the past 9 months I have been able to study privileged children and teenagers playing tennis because I coach tennis for a living. When I started coaching tennis I always noticed different behaviors between students and it made me curious to what made certain students have such behaviors. It made me think of maybe it was how they are raised, morals, religion, wealth, or maybe it is just part of their personality that they have grown themselves. After, taking time and evaluating tennis players that were privileged, I was curious of how an underprivileged child would act during a practice and what their emotional behaviors would be like and then I thought more into detail about it. What if I put on free clinics to underprivileged children? I would provide all the necessary equipment for them to use during the practice and I could study their behaviors for 4 months having a clinic once a week. But first I needed to do some research to understand what I really needed to evaluate. When raising a child it is important to make sure the child has the same opportunities as other children. Some families don’t have adequate financial assets to provide for their children, as other families might be able to. For example, this occurs when families are experiencing poverty; poverty is the state of being poor, and lacking the means of providing material needs or comforts. Poverty makes underprivileged children disadvantaged because they wont have the same opportunities as

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