Privilege Is Power By That I

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Privilege is power. By that I mean it gives one a sense of freedom and safety that not everyone else has. It allows for those who have it to walk through this earth without fear of prejudice or stereotypes. Throughout this memo I would like to describe my privilege, how it effects me, how it effects those around me, and how I plan on using my privilege in the future. White and Privileged I know that as a young, white, and educated woman, that I am privileged. I have rights and power that I am unaware of. Privilege is not earned, it is given based off of race, status, gender, and many other constructs that one can not control. One of my main privileges is that I am white. Hall & Fields (2013) in “Continuing the Conversation,” describes white privilege as “freedom from having to consider that one is being interacted with through the lens of race”(p.169). The benefits I receive from this seem to be endless. Whether it is the simple fact that I can find a foundation color that matches my skin type perfectly, suggesting that even in the beauty industry there is a focus on researching shades for lighter skin, to more complex topics. I will never have to worry that I was targeted by the police because of the color of my skin. I will never have to worry that if I merely say something wrong to that police officer, that I might die. I can walk in and through a store, and no one assumes I 'm doing anything wrong; actually, even worse so, no one ever assumes I 'm doing anything
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