Privilege Walking Project Analysis

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The Engagement project was certainly one of the hardest projects I have ever had, not because it was difficult but because I had no idea what I wanted to do. I went back and forth between ideas till I remembered the privilege walk video I saw in my Love and Sex class from the previous semester. I noticed how powerful the video was and the meaning behind it. To me it showed that no matter how similar you may think you are to someone else there are so many different aspects that set you even further apart from that same individual. I knew that because it was so powerful for me to watch that it would be a great idea to try and make a KSU version.
The original purpose of the privilege walk was to help recognize how power and privilege can affect someone's life when they don't even know it. It also helps understand intersectionality because it shows how some people can be very simple but just small things such as race, gender, sexually orientation, disabilities, etc. can separate them in a matter of seconds. Intersectionality
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In class, we learned that everyone is different, and it is those differences that can set us back a couple of steps if we don’t fight for what is right. All intersectionality does is show us that no one person is just made up of one thing, but a mixture of different things all intersecting and connecting to make you who you are. Everyone one no matter what race, gender, class, sexual orientation, etc have at one point in their life been at a disadvantage or advantage, even when they don’t see it as one. My engagement project allowed my participants to see what those were in a way they that couldn’t over analyze it and change the answer from what it really should be. It also shows you that someone can be put together so great on the outside but could really be fighting something bigger on the inside from their past or
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