Pro And Cons Of Social Media

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Social Networking, More Like Social NOTworking Picture this, you just got the greatest haircut of your life. Feeling good, you take a selfie and post it on Instagram with the caption, “Feelin’ good.” A few hours later, you get a notification that someone commented on your picture. That comment reads, “You’re feeling good about THAT haircut? LOL!” You were just a victim of cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is one of the many negative effects of social networking and social media on teens, and could create a situation that results in death (Mulvihill). Some people, however, claim that social media can improve teens’ knowledge of current social affairs, but others assert that the cons outweigh the pros. Although social media can inform teens…show more content…
On social media, many teens put a greater amount of personal information on display than they might realize. Alexandru Balog points out in his article “A Multidimensional Model for the Exploration of Negative Effects of Social Networking Websites as Perceived By Students” that one safety risk of social media is that sexual predators will target minors. For the predator, this would be quite effortless to do, since teens have various facts about themselves posted on their accounts. Furthermore, some sites, like Instagram, allow one to add a location to a post, allowing people to be easily tracked down. Sometimes, when teens put too much information on their account, their peers may become entranced by their extravagant lifestyles and attempt to mimic them. “Negative Effects of Social Media on Teenagers”, written by “KBAILEY17”, states that “ Teens may feel the need to copy others who are “internet famous” because they may already feel bad about themselves…”. What “KBAILEY17” is saying is that when a teen emulates a classmate or celebrity because of their damaged self esteem, they feel that they are becoming popular and create an assumed personality. With this, another unique and interesting personality is sacrificed to society’s rules of conformity. Along with this, someone who is “internet famous” may not have the most ideal lifestyle for a teen, which could cause the now “perfect”
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