Pro And Cons Of Virtual School

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When asking the question, is the road to virtual schooling smoothly paved, the answer is no. Virtual schools can be effective and may be a better approach for students with certain situations, such as injury, lengthy illness, bullying, and issues with anxiety to name a few, but there needs to be an established set of requirements put in place first. However, virtual schooling may not be appropriate for elementary age children. In addition, low-performing students benefit more when placed in an environment where there is communication with peers, and instant scaffolding is available when needed to help the student’s understanding of the content. If we do not adapt to the changing times, and get away from our love of tradition, we will continue to be behind in the advancement of technology and 21st century skills. With that being said, the idea of a fully online curriculum is not an idea to be supported. There needs to be an advancement of technology in the school curriculum, but the jump to virtual school is not in the best interest of all students. With any schooling options comes the pros and cons. Virtual schooling has pros and cons. Some of the pros may be: flexible scheduling, faster completion, being able to study anytime, being able to complete assignments from anywhere just by logging into your computer, no commute so you do not have to worry about being late for school, zero cost because the state funds virtual schooling and sends you the books and materials you
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