Pro Assisted Suicide Persuasive Essay

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Places all around the world have legalized assisted suicide and it has proven successful in every place. Canada, Japan, Germany, Switzerland the USA, including California, Washington, Oregon, Vermont, and Montana, all these places have experienced and legalized assisted suicide, and every place has had an overwhelming increase in the happiness and welfare of its overall population. Canadian justices, while explaining their change in heart over assisted suicide said, “What has that other countries, including the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Colombia and Switzerland, plus four American states, have shown that assisted dying can be well regulated” (Last Rights, 2016, para. 4). This in itself expresses that because of the success other countries have already received, the implementation…show more content…
It’s understandable that this bill is in no way happy and overall it sounds kind of scary, however, this bill is necessary in every aspect in bringing worldwide peace and happiness. The woman who passed this bill throughout California states,“‘I feel very humbled and gratified but it's not an occasion of feeling joy over a bill that is signed...I know the peace this will bring some families today and in the future’” (McGreevy, 2015, para. 22). This bill is not something that a lot of people agree with because many people believe it to be a promotion of murder. However, it is obvious to a lot at the same time that this is necessary, because, when one puts their future selves in the same shoes as some of these people, they would want a choice. This overall allowance simply adds a sense of peace to the concept of death and allows people to choose how they live their life or how they end their life. This concept of assisted suicide has already been experimented on in more places than one, all throughout the world, and in each separate case, it has proven successful in its own unique
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