Essay on Pro Athletes and Violent Crimes

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The competitive nature of today's sports associations calls for athletes to be aggressive and forceful , both physically and mentally. This aggressive mentality stays with some athletes off the field, and may explain why so many athletes are committing violent crimes.

Society calls for athletes to give flawless performances in the stadiums and arenas. The fans have grown accustomed to high flying, hard hitting shows of athleticism and finesse, and oftentimes an athletes success gains them a elevated status in society with special privileges that you and I can only dream of. As there careers get bigger and bigger they fell that they should be shown a certain respect by fans when not on the field, and many athletes become angered when
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The child incorporates this aggressive mindset into it's mannerisms and applies this aggressive behavior to other aspects of their life." If I'm aggressive, I can get my way."

These aggressive attitudes and tendencies have been shown to have effects on one's judgement and the perception of their environment. An athlete with an over aggressive attitude who's judgement becomes clouded by aggression develops a disregard foe the opponent(s) that their aggression is being aimed at." I think the aggressiveness in sports - just making the play, charging past people or dominating somebody physically - really needs to be separated by athletes from appropriate off field behavior."(Tom Jackson, Univ. Arkansas psychology professor.)

This is one cause for the controversy over the amount of violence in today's sports, and the apparent nurturing and rewarding of athletes who display this over aggressive attitude. According to Edward Gondolf, a professor of sociology at Univ. Indiana; " there's no doubt that sports such as football reinforces and rewards that aggression which in turn spills into their lives outside of the locker room.", and it's that "spillage" of aggression into their lives off the field that leads some athletes to commit violent criminal acts out of rage, such as assault, or sexually abusing women.

One question raised when analyzing reasons for the rising number of crimes being committed by athletes