Pro Choice Essay : Pro-Choice Abortion

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Pro-choice Abortion Abortion rights are one of the most heatedly debates in society. There are many arguments for and against abortion. Each woman has the right to an abortion and the right to have a child. Women have the resources, rights, and respect to make reproductive health decisions that are best for themselves. (“Women’s”) We live in a free country and women should continue to have the choice to do whatever with their body, concerning women’s rights, health issues, and religious reasons.
Women have human rights to choose what they want to do with their body. Every woman goes through different issues and some are not ready to take on the responsibility of being a mom. A woman knows when she is ready to be a mom and when the time is not right. Some people are prochoice, in that they support abortions and women rights.(“Women’s”) Some people are prolife, in which they don’t support abortions.(“Women’s”) Pro-life biggest argument is that fetuses are human beings and the baby has a heartbeat. (“Should” Laura Peredo stated, “The moment of fertilization is the beginning of each specific person.” (“Why”) Yes, but nearly all abortions take place in the first semester and a fetus can’t survive on its own. (“20” The fetus health is dependent on the mother’s body, unlike babies that are born. (“20”) In the first trimester, the fetus is attached to the placenta by the umbilical cord. Furthermore, this lets you know that the fetus cannot survive without the mom. The Hyde
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