Pro Choice Is Not Murder

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Don 't Bring Someone Into Suffering: Pro-Choice is Not Murder
Out of 55 million Americans who live in food insecure homes, about 16.7 million are children. Almost 5.5 million children live in families who have lost their home. In Maryland alone, there are currently 250,000 children going hungry each day (Raphel). As we carry our lives day to day , many children are suffering due to hunger, the loss of a home, abuse, and many other causes. This issue has bothered me for as long as I can remember, I always think to myself, why bring a child into this world if a person is not fully capacitated to provide for that child. I 'd like to address the issue of Pro-Choice, and explain why Pro-Choice is not murder, like many people see it as. Pro-Choice as I determined is agreeing on the issue of abortion, believing that a person has the right to choose whether to have a baby, or abort it.
Many disagree due to Pro-choice, believing that all babies should be born, however they never put thought to issues a child will face later in his future. The concept of Pro-Choice is made so a person could determine if they actually want the responsibility of a baby. With so many children suffering from malnourishment, homelessness, and other issues that prevent them from enjoying life, that brings me to argue that Pro-choice is not murder. After witnessing many cases of child disregard and reading many news about this issue, it is sometimes better to allow a woman who has no intentions of

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