Pro Choice Of Abortion

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Valeria Arauza
Ms. Cooney
English CP10
30 October 2017 Marissa recently found out she was pregnant, she was taking birth control pills as contraceptives to avoid a pregnancy, but she knew she needed to take an emergency contraceptive. Marissa was a pro-life activist, meaning she opposed abortions. She, along with all the other pro-life supporters, never did accept that people had abortions. People felt the same on the topic as her, they were all completely against abortions and shamed woman who had took part in the practice. She did not even understand why people even thought about having abortions, she believed only egotistical woman wanted them. Until she found out she was pregnant, but knew she did not want to start a family with the man nor did she believe it was the right time, she knew it was a mistake. Marissa was finally in their shoes, she finally understood. Being pro-choice is supporting legal abortions, but it is also protecting women’s right to choose. Pro-choice advocates believe there is nothing wrong with ladies getting to choose to keep their unborn baby or not, and there is nothing wrong with choosing to go through with an abortion. People should become pro-choice advocates because a woman should decide her reproductive health care, have access to birth control and emergency contraceptives, and although it’s believed abortions are dangerous, having abortions is safer than giving birth.
People should become pro-choice advocates because the reproductive

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