Pro Choice Vs. Abortion

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Introduction Pro-Choice is an opposing position against the pro-life that completely and clearly advocates that every women in the world has equal rights of having abortion and there will no legal or religious restriction against electing an abortion in routine life. Many of social religious, civil and national federations raised a slogan against abortion and in the support of this opposition all of these communities and people also run Pro-life movement, United States. This movement opposes Pro-choice and many people considered in early days that abortion is an illegal phenomenon, while the religious communities strongly believed this would be an evil and would also cause of God 's anger. When USA Supreme Court in 1973 announced its final decision in case of Roe v. Wade about the right of having an abortion, then most of country laws and legislations were stuck down in many of American States. After this, it was declared that would be no legal penalty to a woman for having an elective abortion after having a sex (Kerns,.......& Steinauer, 2012). Discussion Pro-choice is just for advocacy and supporting the women 's rights to have abortion whenever they want. This part of assignment will illustrate some of reasons, facts, statistics and ethical arguments about the right of women to have an elective abortion according to situations and their physical conditions.
1) Reasons of Pro-Choice As there are sound reasons of pro-life in health industry, so there are also strong

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