Pro Con Universal Health Care Essay

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I didn’t bulk this into a PRO and CON section per say. I felt like it would flow better and make more sense if I could play pro/con on each system. Should the US have some form of universal health care? I must say prior to watching this video I was very uneducated yet very judgmental on the issue of universal health care President Obama is trying to push right now. I remember reading not too long ago in the paper that by 2016 if a US citizen doesn’t carry insurance they will be penalized on their taxes up to $3,000. After reading this I was disgusted and started ranting in my office on how this is unfair and a violation on our freedom. I must say this video has really opened up my eyes as to what other countries are doing to ensure ALL…show more content…
If we were to adapt the Taiwan insurance system pro we would have free choice of doctors with no waiting time. There would also only be one source holding the money and no one would have the choice to opt out. What I really liked about their system was the smart card everyone had the housed their medical history as well as medications. This also ensured the people were not abusing the system. In the event hey went too much they were visited by a government employee to discuss their frequent visits. A really big con I can think of to the visit is too much big brother. I know this would not go over well with the citizens of the US. If we were to adapt the same insurance system Switzerland has, pro no one would be able to make a profit on basic services. It is my opinion that the US does need to make some serious changes in regards to healthcare. Do I think Universal healthcare is the right choice.. Yes. To what extent.. I am not sure. I think we should follow in Taiwan’s footsteps by taking what works from other countries and working off of
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