Pro Death Penalty Research Paper

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The Death Penalty
The death penalty is a harsh penalty and it is meant for extreme criminals. Although, there are some criminals that deserves to put on death row, I'm against it because taking another person's life doesn't solve any page but the case. The death penalty should be revoked and the capital punishment should be life without parole. Just like everything else in the world there's a good and bad side to the death penalty. The death penalty gives the family closure, it's like saying “ an eye for eye”. Some criminals even deserve the capital punishment for their despicable actions and behavior. Another good deed about the death penalty is that it can decrease the murder and rape crime rates because some offenders believe it …show more content…

Ensuring the offender get jail time is one thing but making sure the offender doesn't harm anyone else is another. Sex offender registries are beneficial because it let people know if a sex offender lives in your neighborhood or caring for a person if he or she is dating and sex offender. Sex offender registries can be easily accessed online and can help the police to track down the offender faster and easier. With the benefits of the sex offender registry that helps the community, can sometimes be harmful and hurtful to the offenders, such as inaccurate information on the internet, being harassed by other citizens, and making it difficult for them to your job and have places to stay. As far as we know, the offenders have already dont have the right to vote, so being online as a sex offender makes it more difficult for them to get out of prison and make a living. In my perspective everyone deserves a second chance at life, but not all offenders will change their life around, so the sex offender registries should be available online for safety …show more content…

The reason this should be mandatory it's because it helps with terrorism and easily identify a person that has died. DNA registry can help with terrorism so that when a terrorist supposedly come into the states the authorities will know immediately if its a terrorist or not.When it comes to identifying a body of his victim, it is important to ensure it is the correct victim that has decreased, so the family can be notified or the correct criminal has been prosecuted. Nevertheless, because the DNA is being saved in a database, it has a chance of getting hacked and can cause an innocent person to be prosecuted and a law Authority or Department facilities to be sued. Although, things can go awry and can cause a lot of confrontation with the media, and riots of citizens, the DNA registry should be mandatory because of the fact that it help solve crimes faster and identify the bodies of victims

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