Pro-Death Pentally Essay

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Pro-Death Penalty

There are many studies which show the death penalty as a non-deterrent to the serious crime problem that is faced in the United States. The death penalty continues to be the most controversial sentence with over half the states re-instituting capital punishment laws since the Furman v Georgia decision in 1972. Nevertheless, even if the death penalty were no greater a deterrent than a life sentence, some people would still advocate is the only way to get rid permanently society of dangerous criminals who deserve to die. Being that the death penalty is considered a deterrent to criminal activity does it make the execution morally right or just brutal? The death penalty is the highest capital punishment, which
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Capital punishment has even been accepted by criminal justice experts who consider themselves humanist, concerned with the value, and dignity of human beings. As David Friedrichs, a noted humanist argues, a civilized society has no choice, but to hold responsible those who commit horrendous crimes. The death penalty does make a moral statement. There is behavior that is so unacceptable to a community of human beings that one who engages in such behavior forfeits his or her right to live. However, some might think that capital punishment is morally correct, and others believe that it is straight brutal. Society should not punish criminals by subjecting them to the same acts they committed. For an example, rapists are not sexually assaulted for their acts, and an arsonist does not get his house burned to the ground for burning someone house.

While the Court has supported the death penalty, it has also placed some limitations on its use. Rulings have promoted procedural fairness in the capital sentencing process. For example, the Court has limited the death penalty sentence to capital murder cases, ruling that it is not permissible to punish rapist with death. The Court has prohibited prosecutors from presenting damaging evidence about the defendant’s background unless it is directly relevant to the case.

The Court seems committed to maintaining the

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