Pro Euthanasia Debate Essay

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Debate A.R.E: Euthanasia Shouldn’t Be Legalized
I. Argument #1
A. Assertion:
Euthanasia and assisted suicide should be illegal.
B. Reasoning of the argument:
Euthanasia and assisted suicide should be illegal because with assisted suicide and euthanasia legalized, unintentional consequences may occur.
C. Evidence of argument: a. According to Dr. Herbert (suicide expert), if the doctor and the patient are the only ones to know about the health situation, then the doctor can technically say whatever he or she wants to the patient’s family and friends (Kamisar, par 13/14).
This negative consequence shows how if euthanasia and assisted suicide is legalized then doctors could intentionally kill the patient without their request
b. Seth Kreimer
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In that sense, the legalization of euthanasia in the Netherlands has affected innocent patients who didn’t ask the physician to end their life. To illustrate, numerous physicians have not followed the law, and there will be no guarantee that they will if euthanasia is legalized in the USA or anywhere…show more content…
According to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, assisted suicide and euthanasia can damage the current palliative care and pain management options if it is legalized (“Euthanasia Devalues Human Life…”, par 31). This shows that with the legalization of euthanasia/assisted suicide, there is no guarantee that there won’t be any complications. In this case, the legalization can cause health care providers to not provide palliative care. This could cause the availability of pain management options to decrease. In that sense, various people will be focused on asking for euthanasia or assisted suicide, which can cause palliative care and other pain management option requests to become less
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