Pro Illegal Immigration Essay

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Did you know that on average millions of illegal immigrants enter the U.S. every year? I believe that we need to start taking more action to slow down the illegal immigration rate into the U.S. I will be talking about the pros and cons of illegal immigration, how this immigration could help or hurt the economy, and what the immigrants need to do to come legally into the U.S.. The topic I chose was Illegal Immigration, people coming into the U.S. illegally without the right paperwork, is worthy of research because it’s a huge issue at the moment, could help or destroy the economy, and could bring more jobs to the states.Very few politics find that illegal immigration to be a hot topic at the moment compared to their other objectives(Smith 1).
My paper is about whether or not to deport illegal immigrants or let them stay in the U.S.. An Illegal Immigrant is someone who travels to another country illegally without the proper paperwork to either better their lives or find jobs. “In the process of gaining citizenship, immigrants are required to learn to read and
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At first I believed that they should deport the illegal immigrants back to their home countries. “The rest have made their way through the borders and risked their lives cramped in trucks and literally crossing the border.”(Perales 1)It is important to not base an opinion before research because you will not know what all of the pros and cons are of a situation. There is over 12 million immigrants and there are still more on their way across the border everyday(Perales 1). I believe within the next few years the illegal immigrants will begin to become citizens of the United States because of all of the good that can come from
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