Pro Illegal Immigration

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Whether it’s due to personal reasons, economic reasons, or unemployment, sometimes people need the opportunity to leave their nation and move somewhere new. Either to build onto what they already have or start over completely, moving to another country provides a very appealing alternative to the state of their current lifestyle. Often times this ends up in illegal immigration, which has more positive effects than people are led to believe. At one point in time America relied on outsiders so much that they were willing to enslave them in order to. Like many other settler societies, the United States, before it achieved independence and afterward, relied on the flow of newcomers from abroad to occupy its unsettled lands. They had land and…show more content…
However, it lasts for only 6 years and you will not be able to travel abroad for long periods of time. The current legislation states that a person can travel abroad up to 365 days in total for the entire 6 years under Conditional Permanent Residency. Those qualified will also be eligible for student loans and federal work-study programs, but will not be eligible for federal financial aid such as Pell Grants. The dream Act requires that you complete a college degree, or participate in two years of military service, a small price to pay for freedom. The dream act also provides support groups for illegal immigration, which you can find by simply typing in your area code on the website. Nathan Thornburgh, a senior editor of Time magazine, stated that “Whether you fine illegal aliens or stick them in English classes or make them say a hundred Hail Marys, at the end of the day, illegals would be allowed to stay and become citizens... That 's amnesty. And that 's a good thing for America. Amnesty won 't depress wages - globalization has already done that. Amnesty will not undermine the rule of law. It sounds counterintuitive, but with immigration, forgiving a crime may be the best way to restore law and order” (Thornburgh, Nathan). This idea provides a new view on illegal immigration, promoting that sometimes it is okay to forgive and forget, and in this case amnesty could be the
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