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“Professional wrestling’s most mysterious hold is on its audience,” Luke Neely. Professional wrestling has been entertaining audiences since the 1860’s but what exactly is professional wrestling. Pro wrestling is an athletic form of entertainment that is based on the portrayal of highly exaggerated combat. It began in carnivals, shortly after the civil war, and gained widespread popularity in the 1980’s thanks to the reappearance of World Wrestling Federation, WWF, on network television. Through the years, pro wrestling has continued captivating its fans. Although viewed as a barbaric, uneducated group of individuals, professional wrestling fans are a group with many forms of communications through their own slang terms, live events, and blogs.
To begin, there are many misconceptions about wrestling fans, the main being that they 're just a bunch of uneducated, young, barbarian men. To try and dispute some of these we will examine the viewer demographic of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). Fifteen million fans, in the United States alone, tune in on a weekly basis to watch WWE. In 2014, WWE reported that thirty-five percent of their audience was female and in reports this year has showed an increase of two percent. The increase in female viewers have been contribute to the changing dynamics of their female roster and how people have come to view female athletes. While the target audience is for individuals eighteen and younger, surprisingly WWE has reported that their…
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