Proactiv: Targeting People All Over the World

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Proactiv: Targeting People All Over the World Media has developed a specific perspective on how people should look. A flawless complexion has become one of the major goals for society. Many people suffer from different types of skin conditions but one condition most have in common is acne. Almost everyone in the world has to deal with at least some type of acne problem; whether it is a few pimples here and there, or severe acne. Acne solutions have spread world wide, and they are advertised everywhere people look around. One acne treatment that has grown successfully is Proactiv. Proactiv is constantly changing the faces of millions of people across the globe every day. The company Proactiv has been on a mission to help acne victims take control so that their physical and emotional challenges of acne are no longer a factor in life. Their vision is healthy, beautiful skin for all. The company does the best it can to promote their products daily. Whether it is on a billboard or a television commercial the product is always being exposed to society. Proactiv perfected their propaganda techniques by using plain folks, testimonial and bandwagon in their advertisements. They know exactly who they are targeting and how they are going persuade their potential consumers. Throughout most of Proactiv’s advertisement plain folks is used as a technique to promote their product to the public. The plain folks technique is primarily used to make the viewers feel as if the product was

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