Probability Theory and Mathematical Connections

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Ch. 9 Assessment 9-1B: Exercise 3 In an open refrigerator, there are seven different types of diet soda, four different types of regular soda, and two types of bottles of water. a. Suppose Evan chose a bottle from the refrigerator at random. Could we realistically say that the probability of choosing a diet soda is 7/3? Why or why not? b. If there are 16 total bottles of diet soda, 8 total bottles of regular soda, and 4 total bottles of water, what is the probability of each of the following: (i) Choosing a bottle of diet soda when a bottle is chosen at random (ii) Choosing a bottle of regular soda when a bottle is chosen at random (iii) Choosing a bottle of water when a bottle is chosen at random…show more content…
b. Describe how you handled the smaller number in your graph in relation to the much larger ones to be depicted. A list of presidents, with the number of children for each, follows: a. Construct a dot plot for these data. b. Make a frequency table for these data. c. What is the most frequent number of children? Assessment 10-2B: Exercise 8 The data shown estimate the number of flea eggs produced over a period of days. a. Draw a line graph of the given data. b. Predict how many eggs there might be on day 28. Assessment 10-3B: Exercises 1 & 4 Calculate the mean, the median, and the mode for each of the following data sets: a. 82, 80, 63, 75, 92, 80, 92, 90, 80, 80 b. 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 10 The names and ages for each person in a family of five follow: a. What is the mean age? b. Find the mean of the ages 5 yr from now. c. Find the mean 10 yr from now. d. Describe the relationships among the means found in (a), (b), and (c). Assessment 10-4B: Exercise 10 a. Use the following data to justify the amount of time that you expect to assign for weekly homework to classes in grades K–4 and grades 5–8. b. How might the survey data be misused to justify assigning at least 2 hr of homework per week? Mathematical
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