Probable Cause And Reasonable Suspicion : A Presumption Of A Crime

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Reasonable suspicions are a presumption that a crime has been or will be committed. Reasonable Suspicions is based on the fact that is informed by an officer training and his or her experience of the law. I believe that Reasonable suspicion is more than a hunch but not as important as a probable cause. Probable cause is almost simulator to Reasonable Suspicions but, the Probable cause is a logical belief, that is supported by the facts, that a crime has been, or is being committed.
The difference between the terms probable cause and Reasonable suspicion is that Probable cause: means that it is hardcore evidence. The evidence for Probable cause is concrete in a crime that has been committed and Reasonable suspicion is exposed to larger interpretation Reasonable suspicion is used as an expression that is often used as an excuse in an investigation apprehensive behavior when a crime may or may not have been committed.
The law enforcement officers will only need reasonable suspicion to stop an individual so they can question them about their suspicious behaviors, they also will search the suspects for a weapon that can cause bodily harm to them or to themselves. Before the Law Enforcement can search the suspects house that’s when Probable cause come into place. They must obtain a search warrant before they can search the suspect property and they must have a very good of searching the defendant’s property. There are six different ways that an officer does not have to have a
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