Probation And Parole : Probation Parole

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Probation and Parole
Jenifer R. Roberts
Brown Mackie College

Introduction If you would ever find yourself facing jail time, or getting out of prison, then this is somethings you should know. There is important information on the future you will face if you are on probation or parole. Also included is the beginning of the probation and parole systems, the conditions of both, and some legal issues that are entailed with them. This paper will discuss and inform you on the community corrections, the history, and the founding father’s of probation and parole.
The Start of Probation and Parole Probation and parole are an important part of the criminal justice process, and both are community corrections. Probation started in the 1840’s by John Augustus. Who from Boston and he was a shoemaker (Myers, Myers, & Samaha, 2010). John had earned the title of being the first probation officer ever. He earned this tile because he had developed more on the good behavior bond (Myers, Myers, & Samaha, 2010). The good behavior bond is the former forerunner to the present-day probation system (Myers, Myers, & Samaha, 2010). When John had went into a courthouse, and seen a man needing help, and not wanting to go to jail, he helped the man. The man actually kept his promise to John and started helping himself. John wanted to help more people (Myers, Myers, & Samaha, 2010). In addition, the civil officers released about two-thousand people…
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