Probation As The Most Frequently Used Sentence For Those Convicted

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Probation serves as the most frequently used sentence for those convicted. This is evident when you consider that the United States justice system oversees nearly 7 million people. Over half of those, a staggering 3.7 million people, are on probation with another 840,000 on parole (Rabuy, 2017). With those individuals representing the largest percentage of the American corrections system, it is important that we learn as much as possible about probation in order to improve the success of these programs. Probation involves a set of conditions that the probationer agrees to adhere to in exchange for remaining in the community. Typical conditions include a waiver of the offenders fourth amendment rights, maintaining employment or school…show more content…
In the 1970’s, the numbers of offenders began to increase, which prompted Florida to authorize the first use of private probation in the country. By 1991 Georgia had passed legislation which allowed private entities to supervise misdemeanor offenders. The growth of the private industry in was nearly instant, with courts subcontracting their misdemeanor probation cases in order to ease the burden on state probation officers. Those who support privatization argue that the adaptability of private agencies means that the services they provide can be better suited to probationers’ needs. In ideal circumstances, private agencies could theoretically serve offenders better than state agencies. Opponents of privatization argue that private companies are profiting from poverty, and that the effects are much more damaging than state run probation. Current Applications. The concept of Probation in America is much the same as it was in the days of John Agustus. It is in the technical and corporate aspects that you will find the major change. From my personal observations of the process, I know that the intention of suspending a prison or jail sentence is still the motivation for the majority of probation sentences. However, in an alarming number of cases, I fear that the privatization of a large portion of the industry has increased the

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