Probation and Punishment Essay

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Is Kris able to come back to society after probation?
Kris Young is 25 years old, and got into some trouble at age 13and received probation for a case involving battery. While Kris was on probation he was arrested for criminal trespass and he had received additional probation time. Some of my results from the file review did not match Roberts. Two views in which Robert and I had the same were giving Kris and extension for probation period beyond the original two years. Because Kris fail to pay his fine amount within the stipulated period and was giving the extension so that he will have time to pay off his fine. Another view in which was the same was Kris having a successful completion of his probation was the same, because he got
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Probation reports and recommendations remain in your court file forever, although they are kept confidential from the general public without a court order. The majority of criminal cases are resolved by way of a plea bargain. Plea bargains (also known as negotiated dispositions, plea agreements, or deals) involve the defendant entering a plea of guilty (or no contest) to one or more charges, usually lesser charges, in exchange for a promise of a substantially reduced sentence. But even when the prosecutor and the attorney cut a deal, sentencing is always decided by the court.
Sometimes, a client will go to trial and be found guilty of one or more of the charges. This, too, may involve lesser charges to those of which he or she was originally accused.
When either of these things happens, either a plea bargain or a guilty verdict, the defendant is referred to probation by the court, because the judge usually does not know enough about the defendant or the nature of the offense to make an informed and intelligent decision about the sentence.
When the client is referred to probation is when the probation officer's work begins. The PO conducts an investigation, prepares a report, and makes the recommendation as to what the judge should do at sentencing. As mentioned earlier, the court is free to follow the recommendation contained in the report, or deviate from it, but the report and recommendation is always
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