Problem #2: Healthy Work Environment. Doohickeys U Need’S

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Problem #2: Healthy Work Environment

Doohickeys U Need’s employees are tired, unmotivated and appear bored while working. The president and managers are frustrated with employees because they do not respond fast enough to meet the company’s shipping needs. The turnover rate is at a high of 50% for employees while the Industry average is only 10%. (The Case). It is clear that Doohickeys U Need is in need of implementing employee assistance programs and office improvement within the business to create a healthy work environment that the employees will feel supported and happy to be within.

Solution #1: Employee Assistance Program for Mental and Emotional Health

There may be many reasons Doohickeys U Need’s employees are feeling
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“According to a study published by Marsh /Mercer (2007), EAPs aligned with an overall health and productivity strategy can perform a critical role in identifying individual and organizational risk factors that may decrease performance (National Business Group on Health). With these programs implemented into the company, Doohickey U Need’s employees will become more productive.

Solution #2: Employee Assistance Program for Drug Addiction

One result of the poor work performance from Doohickeys U Need’s employees could be that the employees are battling drug addictions. This can impair their decision-making and physical abilities. It is said that 10-20% of workers in America who have died at work have tested positive for alcohol and drugs. “Of all drug users, 68.9% are employed and active in the workplace, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration (SAMHSA)” (Eric Patterson).

Doohickeys U Need must add an employee assistance program for drug addiction if it wants to keep its employees protected and effective while at work. The company can implement drug tests within the hiring process and at random within the company. Drug testing can benefit both large and small companies. It can increase morale and productivity while decreasing workplace accidents, employee theft, employee turnover, and cost of insurance (such as worker’s compensation) (Eric

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