Problem And Solution Essay 'Bash' By Alon

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Alon’s problem and solution essay

“Boom”.”Bash’’.”Wam.” This is the sound many Syrians hear every morning. A civil war started in Syria in 2011. As a result of the war, many Syrians flee the country and become refugees. No doubt this became a big problem when the war made Syrians homes get destroyed and made them flee. Now Jordan and Lebanon are being overflowed with Syrian refugees. In addition, these countries don’t have enough supplies to help their citizens and the Syrian refugees. Now Syrian refugees don’t have a home, and host countries are overflowing. There is a possible solution. First the U.N.H.C.R can give these refugees a temporary home, food, and water. The U.N.H.C.R wants to help refugees and wants everyone to have a chance.
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