Problem And Solution Of Underaged Drinking

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Kendra Gallos English III Sean Meisner 4/6/17 Problem and Solution of Underaged Drinking in America One of the major problems facing America 's youth today is underaged drinking. This is simply defined as the consumption of any commercial alcoholic beverage while under the legal age restriction of twenty one. A solution is in dire need, as the problem causes exponential harm to many teen’s health. Underaged drinking has been the underlying cause of numerous fatalities over the past several decades. These fatalities occur from the following: inexperienced driving under the influence, alcohol poisoning, self hurt, and physical altercations between people. This occurs often among high school students “By their senior year, 64 percent of high…show more content…
Now based on Child C’s action of bringing alcohol, Child B a easily influenced teen joins Child C in drinking. Based on the scenario depicted Child A will most likely feel the need to act similarly in drinking based on the actions of the other children. This peer pressure influence has caused many fatalities over the past decades and will claim more lives without a solution. Furthermore, if the problem is underaged drinking and the causes are understood to be parental and peer influence; the next question is how are they getting ahold of the Alcohol. Several studies show that underaged children obtain the alcohol through three major ways: parents, legal aged siblings or friends, and shoulder tapping. Many teens have confessed that they have obtained the alcohol by stealing from parents booze cabinets or having the parents purchase it for them. This method is one of the least used as many adults find it hard to consent to a underaged drinking habits. Therefore, children search for easier means to obtain the substance. One of the most used techniques is having legal aged friends or siblings purchase it for them. A very easily fathomed technique based on the principle that legal aged friends would be willing to do their friend a favor or a legal aged sibling likely to do the same. Although it is one of the easiest ways to obtain alcohol another is shoulder tapping. Shoulder tapping, one of the most used
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