Problem Findings and Problem Solving

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PROBLEM FINDING AND PROBLEM SOLVING “The most important part of any business or invention is that it must solve a real need and a real problem. Observe the world around you – everything you do, and especially everything you don’t like to do – solve a real problem and the world is yours.” - Aaron Patzer, Founder, There is a whole problem process, which involves finding the problem, shaping it and then solving it. Problem finding means discovering something that troubles you and your society at large. It requires intellectual vision and insight into what is missing. Problem shaping, is then breaking it into parts, analyzing the problem and looking at it from different perspectives. Once all that is done, you are left with the…show more content…
5. Your business works best once you've covered the holes. Be the architect for your business. When you cover all big holes, things start to flow in your way. When you cover all the small problems, profits increase and after you fix the problems of the customers money flows to you. Ask yourself two questions: 1. What type of problem is this? Most of the time, we get stuck on a problem because our focus is towards a single problem. When you think too narrow, you limit your memory and stifle creativity. Instead, think more openly and find the essence of the problem. 2. Who else has faced this type of problem? When you think about your problem, you find out that other people also have solved the similar type of problems in various other methods. One of their solutions may hold your answer. By re-describing the problem, you're much more likely to find inspiration for a truly creative innovation. For Startups: How to Find Problems to Solve? For a startup, the most important thing is to find a pain-point. This pain-point refers to the real problems which people encounter in their daily life. Many a times, entrepreneurs mistake cool product or service for a serious startup. A startup can only be serious and successful when it solves a real problem. But, isn’t finding a problem hard? The answer is no. I have compiled a list of resources and tips below to help you find real
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