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Running head: PROBLEM FORMULATION RESEARCH AND THEORY ANALYSIS Problem Formulation Research and Theory Analysis Reggie Autrey University of Phoenix Research Methods in Criminal Justice CJA 433 Theodore J. Smith III , ESQ. July 26, 2009 Problem Formulation Research and Theory Analysis This paper will cover GPS Monitoring in Pinellas County for sex offenders. During the summer of 2006 election was heating up in reference to sex offenders and monitoring GPS devices. Proposition 83, called for Jessica’s Law was on the California ballot. The reason for this proposition was to have all sex offenders wear this device and be monitored at all times. Other states wanted this proposition to pass so it could be enforce in their state.…show more content…
Describe the theoretical concept The concept was to provide a clear understanding on how the Jessica’s Law can work and provide information on where sex offenders are living and where they can’t live. With the information provided with the analysis it shows restriction on how the sex offenders being monitored with a device can be tracked at all times. The GIS and global positioning system can identify potential housing locations and analyze sex offenders. Identify an operational definition used by the research When monitoring sex offender’s law enforcement use an enormous amount of spatial information. This data becomes overwhelming and it can be a challenge to determine which locations is more important to cover than others. The data provides analysis needed for tracking where the offenders are provides tracking information from up to a querying 4 hours for a single parolee will yield approximately 240 GPS coordinates and the device can take up to 15 minutes to track the query. Could the research problem, questions, and theoretical concepts have been formulated differently or improved? The research provided for the analysis and the concept behind the issues was formulated to understand how the Jessica’s Law would work. There were some minor issues that could have been done differently such as monitoring the GPS tracker in all areas of San Diego County. There were some areas that the
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