Problem Oriented Policing And Community- Orientated Policing

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Shameana Hoskey
April 22, 2015
Project Part 3
Hopeful in this paper will give the strengths and weakness, when, why and who started SARA Model, Problem-Oriented Policing and Community- Oriented Policing. These are methods that will be use throughout the law enforcement filed. And know the key components and how to use them will beneficial to you as you progress in your file of chose with the law enforcement filed.
S.A.RA Model meaning Scanning, Analysis, Response and Assessment; the purpose of the SARA it help community policing agencies to identify and solve repeat crime and community problems. The step are starting with S is for scanning, in other words means to figure out what is the reoccurring problem that the public and people are unhappy about. Secondly is A which stands for analyze. This is done once the problem has been identified. R is for response; how they can make this issue go away or make the people feel more save in their community. Then it is A, assessment or the results (Eck). An example in using S.A.R.A is the community has a panhandler that walks around knocking on everyone’s door asking for money or for some kind necessity (Eck). The strength with this model is that is a great to work with the community and a way for the officer to better get to know the people in the community. The weakness is that sometimes you can’t always solve every issue that the community might; some other issues can be something minor that they can’t really do a lot about
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