Problem-Oriented Policing

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Problem-oriented policing has been the cause of changes in police departments all across the nation. Is this style of policing really effective and a continued help to departments? This paper will examine problem-oriented policing and shed some light into the present activities of police departments and how they have changed because of problem-oriented policing.

Problem-Oriented Policing and its Past, Present, and Future Implications
Problem oriented Policing, according to the Australian Institute of Criminology, is defined as, "…a method for improving police effectiveness through examining and acting on the underlying conditions that give rise to community problems" ( Trying to improve police departments
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Bigger city departments are spread thin on the streets and can 't be expected to respond to calls, track down criminals, and then try to prevent the crime from ever happening. In smaller towns I can see this being an effective program. The police have a bit more resources and can spend the time talking to the citizens.
Problem-oriented policing programs might have there problems but departments have benefited from the research. The findings have changed the present way policing is conducted. The research has been able to identify problem areas in a city and what types of crimes are being committed in those areas. The research did not just come up with findings about the crimes but also how to try and battle them. Police departments were now able to increase patrols in an area during certain times and days. By increasing the patrols the criminals would be less likely to commit the crime. Bigger departments have also made specialized groups to help battle the higher crime areas. There are drug taskforces, prostitution taskforces, car theft taskforces, gang taskforces and several others. They work in the areas plagued by the appropriate crime. Another plus is the community sees the police activity and feels safer and the police are doing something to help out the community.
Problem-oriented policing has changed the way policing is being conducted. Presently police departments are trying to change there ways to combat the problems arising from the
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