Problem Prevention Plan

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Problem Prevention Plan Classroom management is one of the critical success factors in running an effective classroom. Before the students begin their studies for the year, the room should be prepared, well organized, and aesthetically pleasing to the students. The seating chart and room layout and organization should be prepared well ahead of time. This way when the students arrive one the first day of school all the preparations have already been made. Once they arrive there should be some period in which the class takes some time to greet each other and the teacher so that the class can quickly become acquainted. After there has been a period in which students can become comfortable with their new surroundings, the classroom standards and expectations should be quickly addressed. The teacher should have a list of rules that they have prepared that will serve as the classroom rules. However, the students should also be involved in the process as much as possible by soliciting their suggestions about what rules should be used. It is likely that the students will come up with some of the same rules that are on the teachers list, but the teacher can freely add items on the list that were not yet covered. Some of the popular rules that are age appropriate for a sixth grade classroom would include items such as to stay seated unless the teacher grants permission, follow directions, keep hands and feet to yourself, keep hands and feet to yourself, and respect others. The
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