Problem Solution: Riordan Manufacturing Essay

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Problem Solution: Riordan Manufacturing This paper will be an analysis of the issues currently affecting Riordan Manufacturing. Riordan is facing an overall issue with low employee morale and motivation for several reasons. Changing its business strategy to team sales and support versus individual sales and support left Riordan with a compensation package not aligned with rewarding a team strategy. Desiring to remain a top player in the market Riordan needs to address several issues with performance review analysis and training implementation. An analysis of stakeholder perspective and ethical dilemmas, goals, mitigation, and implementation of alternative solutions for the problems facing Riordan will be discussed. Situation Analysis…show more content…
A performance evaluation system will be the best in the industry creating trust and investment in each employee. Employee surveys are conducted annually to ensure the organization is accomplishing the desires of its employees. Riordan invests in its employees with training and career advancement programs created to spark innovation, motivation, retention, and morale. Alternative Solutions Riordan manufacturing desires to become a top-rated employers rated by its current employees by the next employee survey. Employee surveys are conducted annually; therefore action towards change must take place immediately. Riordan must take the top three identified issues found in the employee survey and research solutions for the issues. Riordan must bring its employees together in a town hall forum and discuss the identified issues along with the solutions the company is taking to solve the problems. Each quarter employee town forums must be conducted and Riordan executives will communicate progress toward goal achievement. The town hall forums will create a trust between Riordan and its employees citing Riordan listening to its employees. In efforts to become a top-rated employer, Riordan must create a compensation overhaul and create levels of compensation competitive within the area and industry by the next rolling quarter. The upgraded compensation package should be included by the next
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